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Poetry has become one my favorite ways to express my feelings. It is my shadow work. I found my love for poetry shortly after started my health journey, It has become one of my favorite forms of mediation.

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Why Me? 

I sometimes ask myself why me? Not one disease but two! I then think to myself you got this. It’s a breeze! I’ve had a stroke and was in a coma but I didn’t croak.

Day by day not knowing how I will feel. This seems unreal. Like a dream but it’s my reality. Sometimes I think it’s all in mind but that’s Lyme!

I put on a good show but that doesn’t mean I’m always fine. I will always have the will power to overcome whatever life’s throws at me it just might take some time.

Like a warrior I will keep on fighting with every last breath, until the end of time or until I’m given to the divine,

One day my body will fall me but my soul and spirit will live on but that time is not now. I’m not ready yet. I’ve only just begun I’m on a mission to love life with no regrets.

The Small thing's in life,

The small things in life sometimes matter most.
A smile, a hug or a morning with coffee and toast.
These little things matter.

People are way to busy they.would rather scatter.
If we all slow down if only for a minute to take time to visit.
You will come to see even smallest blessings can make a person’s day.
On your next walk don’t forget to stop and say hey.

The world is not going anywhere but unfortunately people do.
Please remember to cherish your love ones and others to!
In the moment we can seem rushed but slow down and take time out of your busy day. It’s the best way

Proactive vs Reactive.

To be pro active in any situation is key  Laying back and not pursuing won’t get you far. We can all be our own creator’s in this world. instead of being a part of something be the leader in whatever you seek.

You only live once so don’t wait for things to happen. Take charge and make things happen. You are capable of achieving anything in this life so don’t hesitate create.

Although being the creator can seem like hard work when it comes together you will feel great gratification when you realize that universe allows to create your own reality.


Thoughts dropping.

As thoughts come into my mind daily, I’m now able to drop them better then I could before. Just cause I have a thought dose that make it true? I suppose that’s up to me to decide.

As a thought comes into my mind as they so often do. I ask myself is it something I have control over if not my intention is to drop it and focus on something that is within my control.

Somedays are better then others of course. Sometimes my mind over flows with thoughts and those days are tuff. On these days I say to myself I am like a boat on a ocean, my thoughts come in and out like waves. They rock me just a bit but they never carry away. I am anchored in the here and now.

As I say this over and over again my mind begins to settle down from the many thoughts that consume it. Back to the state of being that I so love.

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Knowledge of words

We all know the unlimited potential that the are mind has. Think of the thousands of word’s that float around in are mind daily. It’s only when we are able process a series of thoughts that words turn into knowledge.

Knowledge is the key. It’s what keeps us growing. No I don’t mean physical as we do that automatically. Knowledge is the true part of growing that stop’s you from dying.

Without Knowledge what would you be? You would be just a body of emptiness. Like fish out of water. Remember as new words come into your mind as they often do. Take those words and turn them into knowledge.


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I hear the sound of water flowing, It sounds so beautiful and peaceful. I can visualize it running down back.

So cooling and calming like light rain fall normally is. Sinking into my skin. Healing all my anchors and pains.

As I begin to wake up from my dream I begin to see bright colors. I can’t believe it! I’m seeing double. It’s a double rainbow.

Water flows.

Jolly had a feeling inside of him. A feeling of rage cause he was trapped in a cage. Nothing to eat or drink just a blanket to lay on.

All his belongings were gone. A man came into the room with Jolly’s tomb. The end was near for little old Jolly. Only Jolly had a plan. See Jolly was smart and knew the man had a heart.

He started begging for forgiveness and as the man started to give in. He dropped his knife. He realize that this was real life. He couldn’t do it He walked away, dropped his key as Jolly was set free.

Feeling jolly

I absolutely love the sun, it’s when I have my most fun. Being outside in the sun with clear skies is my high. Being able to go outside for a walk is my joy cause I always fine someone who wants to talk.

The sun provides me with natural light so I don’t have to sit in darkness full of fright. Energized by the sunshine I most certainly am. I just want to go hangout with my nephew Cam. It’s to bad he’s school otherwise we could throw football, that would so cool.

Instead I went for a walk and finished up taking care of my garden Now the clouds are out maybe I’ll go see what that show is about. Till the next time you fine me sun, then I will come back out and have more fun.


Faith in the universe that everything will happen as it’s meant to be even if I don’t quite understand all of it’s lessons.

I know that what is happening to me is for my highest good. All the beautiful people that have came into my life over the past year has been a blessing.

Although I feel like some people don’t understand this new side of me. I have faith that universe everything is happening for a reason.

I have no clue what the future holds but I have faith that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I know that if I keep on fighting, keep on praying, keep on creating then my dreams will become a Reality.

Little Lucy Lou.

Little Lucy Lou had nothing to do, so she decided to ask her dad Drew! Drew said I know of a magical place it’s underground behind the small shed. Lucy grabbed the shovel that was red. She started digging all the way down till she saw a bed. Lucy then jumped down the hole and almost landed on her head. She couldn’t believe her eyes there were caverns numbered one to five. Not knowing what one to pick, a fairly appeared to give her a tip. As the number the number one started to glow, Lucy made her way into cavern where she found a ho! She continue on her way until she found a Secret Garden. When she got there she met a elf named Hardin. He was small but smart and loved art. What do you want a picture of Hardin asked? Lucy gave it some thought and said a magical rainbow mask! Hardin quickly got his brush while for he was always in a rush. Hardin then pulled out a wand. The mask was now real, Lucy got the best deal. As Hardin wave his wand one more time and gently tapped Lucy on the head, then she suddenly woke up in bed. She thought she was dreaming until she reached under her pillow and found the mask. It had all the colors of the rainbow Hardin knew that it wasn’t to much to ask.

So much betrayal.

So much betrayal. So much crime. So much criticism. So much greed. So much hate. Imagine if the world just would meditate.

Maybe then there would be more love, joy, honesty and happiness. Maybe then they would all spread there light.

Despite all this I will rise above cause I know that the rest world will be alright. One day they will figure out what we all already know that’s it’s all about the colors of the rainbow our energy and raising your vibration.

Suffering is real.

Suffering is real
We all go through it from time to time.
We never know why.
Accepting is the only way.
If we don’t accept Reality we only suffer more.

Are emotions
Are ego
Are physical body
All play a roll

One day you will suffer to
Knowing this is key
Just keep having faith and you will be set free

Confusion clear.
Fish Bowl

So many questions left on cleared
So much confusion everywhere
In order to understand the confusion
One must understand that not much in life is clear
The only thing that is clear is that we are here

Here not knowing why , can be confusing for some.
Until one finds their purpose in life they might be confused
In order to seek answers you you need to enter quantum field
For then possibilities are real!

Don’t let this confusing thing we call the universe rattle you
If you raise your Vibration not all may be clear but certainly
Less confusing so trust your intuition and have no fear!

Love is a work in progress

Love is hard, a everyday challenge.
Sometimes finding the one can seem Impossible.

They say there is someone for everyone so I guess I won’t give up.
I know I’m on the right track.
Loving myself first and spreading unconditional love to the whole universe

Letting go of my past and knowing my worth

Standing outside in the air as it blows ever so slightly against my hair. It feels so good even tho it was raining I didn’t have my hood

In mountain pose I stand embracing the wind against my skin. My eyes closed to get the full effect. As It continues to blows I get more intellect.

Bring nature inside

My home made out of wood from a tree, in the middle of a forest.
No one In sight, I hear the silence.
A bathtub on the roof! The freedom I’ve always wanted.
flowers all in the living room.
A fish pond in my bedroom so I hear the water in my sleep.
Hanging plants all over the walls, fills me with oxygen to breathe.
Imagining my dream house, may it be,
we will have a celebration.
I’m allowed to dream

Aliens Blossoming
unnamed (1).jpg

Aliens are blossoming everywhere.

Falling from spaceships 

Are they for or against us?


Rising from the ground!

Will they attack or join us?

Aliens are blossoming everywhere 


Coming out of the water 

I see them in my dreams 

Are they for us or against us?


I can’t escape my own mind 

The thoughts of what’s coming in my world 

Aliens are blossoming everywhere 


Now they have body armor 

While in tanks! 

Are they for us or against us?


 Now there is a war but my question why?

What the hell is going on?

Aliens are blossoming everywhere 

Are they for us or against us?


My intention is clear as I sit my with eyes my closed, I paint a vision.
A vision of my future self.
A healthier version of me.

One who takes control instead of being controlled.
One who is fearless instead of living in fear..
One who is more spiritually attuned.

My intention is clear.
Every day I know I am making progress.


It’s not easy it’ll tank time but in the end I know it will happen.


Two people I love the most so full of anger and hate!
I saw it coming, but it was still a nightmare.
Sitting in my bedroom blocking out unwanted thoughts.
Never was I so sad and scared at the same time.

Not knowing how life would be.
Little did I know a new door was opening.
My whole life would change.

A higher state of consciousness and awareness, that would bring a new outlook and perspective of life.
One of self growth and understanding.

Through this I would learn to change my energy.
Through this I’d meet people who didn’t even knew existent.
Ones that would help understand.
Help me grow, one’s that I could talk to about anything with.

I don’t know where I would be without them.
Although the future is unclear, I’m now creating it.
I have hope and faith that everything will be okay.
All I have to do is stay present and let the god within me lead the way.


In hell house wear the party has turned into a nightmare.
Little did we know that our host had a wicked plan.
One by one we all felt her wrath!
Her razor sharp teeth and bloody lips sink into our skin.

Running for my life feeling like I’m in hell.
My friend’s are demons on this horrific night.
Two hours till daylight as I lock the doors.
The walls our now crumbling
Dear lord this demon is part dragon!

A tale with spikes swinging towards me!
Realizing the barded up window! I could only hope it was that time!
As fate was on my side that night. I jumped kicked the window!
Sun shining,Demons melting! I’m the only person standing on this Halloween night!

pool meditation.jpg
A guide on how to get through my day

Step into my body. You may feel weak at first.
In time you come to realize you’re stronger than ever.
You have been through so much, there is nothing you can’t handle.

Waking up somedays feeling dizzy or fatigued
As you flood your body fluids to refuel.
like a gorilla, you are big and strong but meat might kill you.
You need your extra vitamins so bananas are a good thing.

There will be days when you need help, it’s no shame to ask.
Little things may be difficult but you’ll find creative solutions.
Driving might be nightmare so use your legs as wheels.

Treat every day like it’s your last, but don’t think about it too much, you have nine lives.

You may get sick of doctors but know they are keeping you alive.
You have so much potential, every day you need to try a little bit harder, remember you are the underdog. People will tell you shouldn’t or you can’t.
Listen to their advice but don’t sell yourself short. You may have limitations but there are always ways around them.

This life will be difficult, may seem Impossible sometimes but stay strong and define odds!


I always tell myself to live life with no regrets but of course we all have ours. Times of shame and guilt that come from the past. Sometimes our past regrets affect our current reality.


We became consumed by what we could have or should have done. Stuck in our minds, emotions and ego. That’s the thing about regrets,  you can’t change them. You are forced to live with them and accept them.


This is why your  current state is the only state that matters. In this state you are constantly creating the new you. The you that you will love over dwelling on that person you aren’t anymore. Remember always your past doesn’t define you! This moment defines who you truly are.

Define Normal?
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So often we judge people based on what we think someone should be.

The way people look 

The way people act

What people believe and do.


We assume since that they are not like us., that they are weird.

Not normal. What is normal anyway?

Who wrote the law on how one should be?


Sure there are guidelines but do we really know what we are supposed to be?

Do we even know why we are here?


In so many ways we are all lost, just trying to find are own path in a world of chaos and confusion.


Yet we continue to judge what we don’t know. 

We constantly think we are the normal ones.

What does it matter anyways? Cause under it all we our the same!


If you can look past it all

The look 

The personality

Their name 

Then you’ll see we all just soul searching!

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