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Mindfulness Offerings

Start your Mindfulness Journey 

If you never meditated before or simply want to Improve your self awareness I’d be more then happy to guide you.

Anxiety Coaching

Learn how improve your anxiety by recognizing your triggers, overcome your fears and letting of the past.


 Charka knowledge/healing. Learn the secret to manifesting, and more 

Mindfulness with Kids


Imagine if you took few minutes every day to allow your children to enjoy the present moment. Simple bite size acts of mindfulness such as having kids simply recognized there breathing or having them participate in a game that brings out their full awareness. In a increasing fast paced world, where kids surround  themselves with media and screens. A little mindfulness can go long way in improving your life children’s focus, as well as help with any anxious feeling they may have. 


As mindfulness slowly  begins to work it’s way into schools. We can do our part by showing our kids the joy of life, to have love and compassion for others and to show what it means to truly be alive.

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