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View everything you consume as food (It all effects our energy.

We all know how important it is to eat healthy. The food that we consume is what gives us energy and keeps our organs alive. If we eat a unhealthy diet, we tend to feel crappy and unmotivated. However, food is not just what we put into our mouths, it's everything we consume as in a human experience.

Different types of food we consume in daily life.

The people we surround ourselves with - You become like the five people who hang out with most so choose them wisely. We are all forced to deal with family members, co-workers and the general public who at times will send us negative energy. We must learn to deal with that. However, if you have a friend who is known for dragging you down or lives a life of gossip I highly suggest letting go or at limiting your time around them.

How you talk to your self - The words you speak to yourself daily get programmed into your subconscious like a computer. The more you talk down on yourself the more you are draining your energy. The opposite is also true, the more you talk positively about yourself the greater your energy. I suggest starting the morning with positive affirmations, I am worthy! I love my self and others! I know I that I have the support of the universe. Becoming aware of the things you say throughout the day is also important. I can't becomes I'll learn, I am board becomes I'm looking for something to do, I am sorry becomes thank you for understanding.

Social media - I choose to use social media in a good way. I use it for my business, to connect with people who have the same disorder that I do and talk with friends and family. However social media used in wrong way such as getting arguments or involve with other's people's drama can become emotionally training!

Music, Tv, Movies - Yes music is healing depending on what you are listening to. I mention earlier. how everything gets programmed into your subconscious. Listen to music that is high frequently and positive lyrics or no lyrics. Same goes for Tv, if you must watch it, make sure you keep it positive. Stay away from thing's things like the news and depressing shows it all lowers your energy.

Environment - Your environment can greatly effects your health. From the water you are drinking, mold, in your house, plug in air fresheners it can all cause illnesses and lower your energy.

Everything that you consume in your life effects your energy in negative or positive ways. For this reason, we must become mindful of what we consume daily.

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