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Smiling actually makes you happier?

Did you know it takes around 17 muscles to smile but over 40 to frown? Did you know that smiling actually makes you happier. Studies show that the more you smile, the more stimulate the brain, the more endorphins are released! As a result you’ll feel more relaxed and less. Studies also show that people who smile more actually live longer.

How you Smile more?

Go out and socialize!

Nothing makes us happier then socializing with friends and family. We as humans were meant to socialize. Simply being in the company of your love ones makes you happier.

Make a list of everything that makes you smile!

Think about everything that makes you smile. Write all them down, chances are you’ll smile while doing this. Now that you have written them down incorporate more into your daily life.

Fake it till you make it!

Yes is proven to work. Your stimulating your brain. Next you fully aware and present simply practice the art of smiling!

We all want to happier and simply smiling more absolutely help’s so turn your frown upside down 😊😊😊

Blissing ❤️❤️❤️

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