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Nature is Healing

I believe that we get our energy from the universe. Perhaps the universe’s best gift is nature. Getting outside in nature is proven to improve your mood, reduce stress and anxiety. Overall nature provides please emotions and feelings.

Best ways to enjoy nature!

Take a mindful Walk/Hike - Walking not only gets you outside but it’ll also get you active. Be sure to stay present tho. Show appreciation for the beautiful trees and flowers, find a body of water to gaze at. Notice the animals and the fresh air.

Plant a Garden - Gardening is such a excellent way of healing. You get all the benefits from nature but your also developing a skill. The best part of gardening is watching what you plant grow. Not to mention it’s a great way to save money. Nothing better than home grown fruits and vegetables.

Star Gazing - Sadly I don’t have a telescope but one of my favorite thing’s on warm clear night is to sit on top of my picnic table and stare at the stars and the moon.

Bring nature indoors - If you don’t have plants, you don’t know what your missing. Plants help. Plants private energy, reduce stress levels, some plants can even boost your immunity. Again the satisfaction of talking care of a living thing is hugely beneficial.

These are some of the many thing’s you can do to incorporate nature into your daily routine! I know it’s helped heal me and can do the same for you.

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