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Jon Kabat-Zinn’s 9 Attitude’s of mindfulness

Jon Kabat-Zen is a Ph.D who brought mindfulness mainstream and is the founder of Mindfulness Base Stress - Reduction (MBSR). Originally Kabat-Zen discovered the art of meditation though Buddhism, then focused on a way to use meditation in a non-religious and none-spiritual way. Kabat-Zinn came up with nine different attitude’s of mindfulness to use in every day life.

  1. Accept - Accept thing’s how they are. Although they may not always be how we want to them to be.

  2. Beginners mind - The concert that you approach the world as if you have never seen it. Every moment is new, every moment is fresh.

  3. Non-judgemental - The idea of not judging thing’s based on other peoples opinion’s or your own thought’s,

  4. Trust - Trust your body, Trust your mind, Trust yourself.

  5. Patience - Practicing patience allows us to enjoy the present moment. To often we are in hurry that we are unconscious of the now.

  6. Non - Striving -To have ability to the make time to do nothing. We constantly feel the need to keep going. However non-doing is also really important for our mind and body.

  7. Gratitude - Learn appreciate to appreciate the small thing’s in life. Give thanks for what you already have.

  8. Generosity - The art of giving out of the kindness your own hart, not expecting anything in return.

  9. Letting Go - The opposite of clinging. The ability of letting go and not getting so attached to someone or something especially when they or that thing no longer serves you.

Which one of the 9 attitude’s of Mindfulness is the hardest for you?

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#6 non striving is probably most difficult for me. It is s increasingly difficult to have that time.

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It can be for sure. If only for five minutes. It’s so important.

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