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Use this tip to Manifest Money now.

Money is everywhere but so often we aren’t conscious or have the belief that’s the case. Once you put your faith in universe it’ll return the favor. I recently discovered this technique for manifesting abundance and I can tell you first hand it works.

Take a few minutes every day to yourself and close your eyes.  Visualize yourself worthy of having money 💰 Come up with a powerful affirmation to say out loud to yourself. I like to use I am worthy of having money. Money is easy for me to get. Money comes to me in mysterious way’s. After the meditation write down and thank the universe for the money as if you have already received it.

Now! Don’t expect to check your bank account and see thousands of dollars. It doesn’t worry that way. In matter of fact don’t ask how or when? Now let go and relax then wait for the opportunity from the universe then act on.

We all have the power to create what we want as explained in the video below.

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