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Soulful yoga review

Over the 4th of July I took a vacation to Inverness Florida. You all know me and that I couldn’t take a week off from yoga. The day I got there I googled yoga near the area and found Soulful Yoga held by Stephanie Adames.

I got in contact with Stephanie  and took her class the next morning. The class was at a local park under a beautiful gazebo near the water. Stephanie and her classmates welcomed me with open arms, as I told them I was from Pennsylvania.

We discussed that I took more of meditation chakra yoga class at home so Stephanie said she would incorporate some that into her practice for me.

Similar to hatha yoga Stephen’s class was more strenuous  than I was used to but nothing I couldn’t handle. We used yoga straps to do some hip openers which I wasn’t used to. She also did a lot of techniques which required yoga blocks which was a nice change up.

At the end of the class she had us lay down and did a chakra meditation. It was an outstanding way to end the practice. I am thankful for the time and experience I had with Stephanie and look forward to connecting with her more in the future.

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