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Poetry without Limits review ( Poetry is my Shadow work)

I started taking poetry class about two months ago at Greenshire Institute. It’s hosted by Wisteria Dawn and it has been life changing . Writing is something I have always enjoyed doing. I have always had a blog and wanted to write a book. It wasn’t until very recently that I got into poetry and I must say for me personally it’s like shadow work. Poetry  allows to me dig deep within myself, it allows me get stuff out. Something journaling has never helped with me personally.

Wisteria’s class is poetry without limits. How does it work? We are given two topics to write about. You may choose to write about one or both of the topics or you can write about whatever comes to mind. The first hour is social hour where we talk and write. There are also snacks to munch on.

The second hour you share what you have wrote.Again there is no limits so your poems don’t have rhyme or be a certain length. You can write whatever. The class is for people of all ages as kid’s often  join. I highly recommend you come join us one night it’s truly a great way to spend time with like minded people and write whatever comes to you.

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