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My experience with Wisteri-Yoga

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

I have been connecting with people left and right since I started this journey. I recently reached out to Wisteri-Yoga and Reiki LLC located in Springtown Pennsylvania about my business. I had a video chat with Wisteria the owner. I gave her a brief history about my journey so far and the direction I wanted head.

Her and husband Ayoub were nice enough to attend my guided meditation on zoom which hopefully they both enjoyed. In return they gave me a free yoga class. You all know how much I love yoga, unfortunately outside of meeting yoga with Adriene I haven’t had the chance to take many classes.

Wisteria’s class was different from I was use to. She affirmations chant’s and numerous different posses to unblock the seven chakras. It was a amazing a experience and I keep in contact with with the both of them.

Thank you

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