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Hiking Gone Wrong ( High Ammonia and Steep Hills oh my)

You all know how much I love hiking. The fresh air, the beautiful sights and sounds of nature. It’s all simply amazing to me. I went hiking on Tuesday well more of a walk. We went to Upper Saucon park, I’d say we probably walked 2 miles. That night I was super sleepy, more tired than I should have been. I went to sleep early that night and felt okay the next day.

Wednesday morning I had my orthodontist appointment to get a new retainer. After the appointment my mom and I decided to go to Hellertown park for another hike/walk. When we first started walking I was a little sore from the day before. I should have knew to trusted my intuition and stopped but we proceeded. We walked about a half of mile until we came to a dead end. The only place was to go back or down a steep hill.

Of course the Adventurous side of me told me to go down. So down we went. The hill was to steep for me to walk down I so slid down little by little. Once we got down there wasn’t really anywhere to go besides on a island across the creek. My mom and I sat for awhile then it was time to go back up the hill or at least attempt!

My mom went up the hill with the dog first and of course they made it fine. Then it was my turn. I started off good. I would say I got three quarters of the way up until hit a really slick spot. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get up. The harder I tried the quicker I became fatigued! My mom couldn’t help me and I was fading fast! My mom’s phone was dead and she didn’t know how to unlock mine. I remember her yelling at me what’s my password but I wasn’t conscious enough to respond. Finally she was able to get the phone unlocked to call my brother.

My brother was there in minutes. He literally thrown me over his back and almost fell down the hill himself. Fortunately we made it back up. After a few Gatorades I was able to walk back to the car.

Today I feel like my old self again. I’ve been dealing with high ammonia flair up’s for awhile now. No body can pin point it. I think it comes down to me recognizing when it starts and being able to take a rest. Luckily the luck of Irish was with me and everything is good.

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