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Control your reactions to events by being Mindful.

Having the ability to gain control over our thoughts, emotions and reactions by simply being in the present moment is really important. Not only can it have a effect on your mindset for the whole day but it can also affect your mindset and relationships with with others going forward.

Let’s say you wake up and trip over your child’s toy, this causes you to loose control as you curse at him. You then get into a fight with your wife which makes you late for work.

Notice loosing control can create a downward spiral though out your day. Let’s say you wake up trip over child’s toy but this time you choose to act in a more appropriate matter simply asking your child’s to remember to pick up his toys after he plays with them, Your child then hug’s you and apologizes. The fight with your wife would have never happen and you would have made it to work on time.

Example two

Your new neighbor accidentally forgets to pick up after her dog. You wake up in the morning and step in dog shit. Instead of simply asking nicely that the woman picks up after her dog. You overreact by start screaming at her. The landlord then throw’s the neighbor out for not picking up after her dog. The rest of your neighbors overheard the episode and are upset with you about getting the nice women kicked out.

If you simply choose to simply tell the woman to please pick up after her dog instead of overreacting and screaming then the nice woman would have kept her place, plus the neighborhood wouldn’t be angry at you.

Only by being aware of you’re thought are you able to control your emotion by in which you are able to react better to the event that has occurred.

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