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Be the Light, Spread love and hug ❤️

One of my favorite spiritual quote’s is that “True spirituality comes when you realize that people should love people and use things. So often today people use people and love things.”

This really hit home with me as into today’s world there is so much hatred. If it’s not hatred it’s people being way to busy on their phone or mobile devices. To busy with other thing’s to send a simple text back or to caught up in their own mind to say hi people.

What I have realized it’s all okay in many cases these people often are the ones who need love the most. It’s your job not to judge them but to accept they are who they are. Be light and spread joy and blessings. You never know you might just be exactly what they need.

I remember the first time I met my teacher both her and her boyfriend gave me hugs. My first reaction was weird cause we have been programmed in a way that receiving hugs from a stranger is weird and uncomfortable. As I’ve gotten to know them I’ve came to realize that they both just beautiful souls.

Since then I hug more people then ever before cause hugs bless people and more people need them. So remember be the light and spread the light.

Hugs for everyone

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