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Are you seeing these numbers everywhere?

Have you been seeing numbers such as 11:11 333 or 444 everywhere? Maybe you see them while checking to see the time or on the back of a vehicle or perhaps your bill is $4.44 at the grocery store. If so you are operating at higher level of consciousness. It also means that your angels are trying to guide you in the right direction.

Of course these are only main ones that people see. Angles number are endless. It’s one of the many ways that god speaks to us, but what do they all mean well here are the ones I listen above.

11:11 if you are seeing 11:11 on a consistent basis then it means that you have not accepted or understood  or believed what your angles are telling you but they will be persistent and continue to guide you.

333 if you are seeing 333 on a daily basis it symbolizes encouragement in making right decision’s in life.

444 Are you seeing everywhere? Then you are going through a spiritual awakening. It’s a sign that one should keep faith and know that his angels are looking over him.

These are some of the angels numbers you might be seeing but as I mentioned before the possibility are endless. Whatever number you are seeing trust and follow the angels that are guiding you!

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