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Accept that there is suffering in the world 🌎

One of the biggest thing’s that I had to do was accept that there is suffering in the world. People will suffer, animals will suffer and you will one day suffer. We don’t know why suffering happens, perhaps without suffering we wouldn’t know what happiness?

We often dwell on others people suffering. Way to often w e get caught up in the world’s tragic events. One of my best pieces of advice I’ll give to you for this is stop watching the news. Trust me if something important happens you will find out if you want to or not. Sitting for hours on end watching the next mass shooting won’t do you any favor’s when dealing with anxiety or depression.


While I don’t worry about death on a consistent basis, I am mindful that one day the physical body will pass. This is why especially when I’m with a loved one. It’s important to me to cherish every moment. You just never know.

Physical pain Suffering

As Ekhart Tolle referrer’s to this as the pain body. One most accept that physical pain in the body is real but often be managed by simply not dwelling on the pain body it’s self but instead focusing your attention on something on that you can control.

Emotional Pain

Emotional pain comes in many way. Sadness, anger, guilt, hatred, and jealousy are all negative emotions that can cause suffering. Often one most go deep within themselves in order to find the cause of the emotional pain. This can be done by journaling, meditation or seeing a therapist.

As you can see suffering is very real and one most first accept what is, by focusing on what you they can control.

Blessings everyone ❤️

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