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Why me? “ A short poem “

I sometimes ask myself why me? Not one disease but two! I then think to myself you got this. It’s a breeze! I’ve had a stroke and was in a coma but I didn’t croak.

Day by day not knowing how I will feel. This seems unreal. Like a dream but it’s my reality. Sometimes I think it’s all in mind but that’s Lyme!

I put on a good show but that doesn’t mean I’m always fine. I will always have the will power to overcome whatever life’s throws at me it just might take some time.

Like a warrior I will keep on fighting with every last breath, until the end of time or until I’m given to the divine.

One day my body will fall me but my soul and spirit will live on but that time is not now. I’m not ready yet. I’ve only just begun I’m on a mission to love life with no regrets.

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