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Where your attention go’s your energy flows. (Focus on you what you can control)

I used to be the guy who would worry about everything. I remember the night’s when I was younger lying in bed thinking what I was was going to due the day my parents die or what if they got a divorce. What would I do?

When used to work at giant I would always worry about my bus being on time. I’d also worry a lot fucking up when I was a cashier cause on days that my Lyme  would act up I wouldn’t be able to think straight.

However when I found meditation I opened this new realm. I started learning about mindfulness, meditation and about all about the Chakras and how we are a bunch of energy in a physical body. I’ve also studied a lot of  stoicism. A odd mix yes.

The main thing stoicism preaches is to focus on what you can control. What I learned is by worrying about thing’s that I have zero control over I was wasting my energy completely draining myself.

Meditation in a non spiritual sense is retraining your attention. The more I meditation the better my focus has become. This has helped me tremendously when it comes to having the ability shift my mindset if a certain thought or worry dose come in.

Since I started learning if a certain thought comes into my mind I ask myself is it something I can control? If it is I’ll do something but if I can’t I simply move on to something that I can control.

We all have a certain amount of energy and it’s important to use your energy wisely instead of wasting time on social media, watching hours of Netflix’s or worrying about thing’s that you have no control over. Spend your energy thing’s that will better yourself.

Blessings everyone

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