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Update on my schedule

Lots of fun stuff!

November 12th at 10:30am at Coopersburg Park. I will be having my second in person event! $10 food and drinks will be provided! I’ll give a 20 minute long guided meditation on change and new beginnings! Meet by the pavilion off of Landis St. That meditation will also be available on Zoom.

November 19th I will be attending my first Reiki healing share at Greenshire Institute which I will also be providing a meditation. All our welcome to attend that! $20. You don’t have to be atoned to attend. That meditation Will Not be available on zoom.

As always join me every Saturday morning at 11:11 eastern time or Wednesday night at 8pm eastern time for group meditation’s on Zoom $5! Or if you want a private meditation you may DM to setup oa time.

Blessings everyone

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