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The power of Affirmation’s

Affirmations are a huge part of meditation/manifesting. They are positive sayings that are normally consistent of a few sentences. Affirmation’s are used to reprogram your subconscious mind. Often people’s thoughts patterns are wired wrong. This normally comes there past.

The power of affirmation’s can be used for self love, forgiveness, manifesting your new life and so much more. My new daily routine is to write a new affirmation once a week. I normally write it down a index card and put it somewhere I can see it. I’ll repeat it several times though out my week.

How to write your affirmation!

Your affirmation should always be positive. Typically start with I am or I choose. Never use negativity in your affirmation’s this will go into your subconscious. Don’t say I don’t want to be broke instead say I am worthy of being wealthy. A example of one of my affirmations is I am worthy of a abundance of money, Money comes to easy to me. I see money everywhere.

Say your affirmation like you mean it. Stand in front of a mirror and so you can see yourself saying it. Use during your meditations. The more you say it the more it becomes programmed in your subconscious.

Blissing ❤️


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