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My first experience with Reiki!

As I'm on this endless path of learning and experiencing new things things in my life, One thing that I have been learning about is the healing of Reiki. I have taken a level one course and this past Saturday attended my first Reki share at Greenshire Institute.

We opened by talking about all the different way's and modalities of Reki. Next we did a little exercise to get our energy flowing. Afterwards I gave a Reki healing meditation where I lead them up a staircase into a healing room where their was angle was already to give them a Reki healing session. I took them though all seven chakras.

After the meditation we paired up to get send and receive energy from one another. My receiving experience was incredible. I could feel the energy being sent to me. It truly felt amazing. My giving experience was good but I feel like wasn't completely intune with my intuition. My partner seemed to enjoy it tho, At some point during the giving Wisteria sent me energy that I could still feel after the class. It was fantastic .Overall the experience was great and I'm excited to dabble more into Reiki when the timing is right.

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