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Join me in my Yoga challenge!

Blessings everyone I've committed myself to do everyday during the month of November and possibly beyond and I'm asking for all of you to join. I am only 3 days in so there is plenty of time to join.

Why yoga?

Before I found my journey of mindfulness and meditation I found yoga. I've been doing yoga for about six years now. I do a at home practice using Yoga with Adrian who I am sure you all know. Once a week I take a chakra affirmation yoga at Greenshire Institute.

For me personally there nothing like yoga. Many people view it as just stretching but it's the best full body workout you can get. It really does connect the mind, body and spirit. Did I mention you can do anywhere anytime.

Why now?

Why am I doing this right now. First what better way to start off a new month. Secondly I am going through something that not many will understand and yoga along with many other tools is part of my healing process.

How to join?

It's simple reach out! Let me know you need your story! Let's support each other!

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