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Float down a river Guided Meditation (Message in a Bottle)

Let's begin by getting into a comfortable seat of your choosing. Palms should be faced down to stay grounded in the present moment, make sure your spine is straight. You may close your eyes or find a gazing point.

Bring your focus to your breath... Notice the rise and the fall of every inhale and you start to feel fully relaxed.

imagine you are tubing down a river. It’s the perfect summer day. Not a cloud in. the sky. Bird’s chirping and a slight breeze. Feel the cool water on the bottoms of your feet. It feels so wonderful, doesn’t it? If a thought wonders at any time, simply think of as birds in the sky. They just observe them and let them pass. As you continue to float down the river you enjoy the sights. The water is crystal clear, so you are able to see the bass and the blue gills swimming at the bottom. It’s truly a blessing. After a few more moments you see some land. It reminds you of the beach, so you decided to check it out. You feel the sand between your toe’s as you continue to walk up the beach, you stumble upon a clear bottle with a white piece of paper in it. Your Curiosity gets the better the of you. You open the bottle! The has a message on it! It says, You are on target with your purpose and your passion. You are coming into alignment with your destiny, and Spirit wants you to know that you are on the right track. Expect a call, a new opportunity, or a message from an old friend or business contact that will lead you closer to your dreams and greatest desires. Spirit has been listening to you!” Take a few moments to reflect on this message. As this guided meditation comes to a end, You begin to get back in your tube. Slowly enjoying last few moments of this amazing river trip as you slowly begin with to come back to the physical body by wiggles your toes and your fingertips. And whenever you are ready you may slowly open your eyes ReplyForward

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