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A review from someone who came to one my meditation’s!

Be Present Lifestyle Meditation

Guided by Bryan Kelly

To attend an in person guided meditation with Bryan Kelly not only offers a moment to pause and become centered with yourself, but also brings a connection to other beautiful souls within your nearby community who also seek clarity and connection with self.

Bryan’s passion for meditation and it’s healing purposes is quite evident as he leads you to relax the entirety of your body and begin to fully connect with yourself and to dismiss any external distractions that may arise during the process.  He vocally paints vivid pictures to lead you on a journey of relaxation and to help you stay in the moment.  He also guides you to release personal blockages that you may be carrying regularly… to acknowledge them, to take note of them and then to release them.

For ten dollars per session, not only do you receive thoughtful and heartfelt guidance towards self healing, but food and water are also supplied during the gatherings in the Coopersburg park.  And if the weather happens to be damp, pavilions are available to offer shelter for the meditation.

The first in person meditation I attended offered a fruit, vegetable and salad spread for nourishment as well as a crockpot full of homemade chili made by Bryan’s mother Kim Kelly, who was kind enough to send me home with an extra helping. These moments of connectivity are not only kid friendly, but also friendly for leashed pets as well.

Make time to attend a session with Bryan to more deeply find yourself, your like minded community and

to perhaps let go of the past and proceed upon your journey in a lighter and more positive manner.

I recommend treating yourself to some quality time connecting with these beautiful beings, facilitators and attendees alike, for food, meditation and a lovely social engagement.  The kids can play, the animals are plentiful and wonderful as are the adults to connect with.  Come find your people, connect with your mind, and come simply to be present… for yourself. ❤️


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