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A kids Poem I wrote!

Little Lucy Lou had nothing to do, so she decided to ask her dad Drew! Drew said I know of a magical place it’s underground behind the small shed. Lucy grabbed the shovel that was red. She started digging all the way down till she saw a bed. Lucy then jumped down the hole and almost landed on her head. She couldn’t believe her eyes  there were caverns numbered one to five. Not knowing what one to pick, a fairly appeared to give her a tip. As the number the number one started to glow, Lucy made her way into cavern where she found a ho! She continue on her way until she found a Secret Garden. When she got there she met a elf named Hardin. He was small but smart and loved art. What do you want a picture of Hardin asked? Lucy gave it some thought and said a magical rainbow mask! Hardin quickly got his brush while for he was always in a rush. Hardin then pulled out a  wand.  The mask was now real, Lucy got the best deal. As  Hardin wave his wand one more time and gently tapped Lucy on the head, then she suddenly woke up in bed. She thought she was dreaming until she reached under her pillow and found the mask. It had all the colors of the rainbow Hardin knew that it wasn’t to much to ask.

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