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3 ways to practice Mindful listening.

having the ability to hear is often taken for granted. Until we bring are focus on it that is. Below are three ways to practice mindful listening.

Listen to nature!

I invite you to go outside for a few minutes. Close your eyes so any visible distractions are absent. Bring your awareness to the sounds of nature. The howling of the wind, the birds singing, the sound of a plan. The possibility’s are endless when you are completely present.

Mindfully listen to Music!

Often when we listen to music it’s while doing something els such as driving, working or simply doing thing’s around the house. When was the last time you sat down and listen to the lyrics of a song? Took notice of all the different Instrument’s that might be used? took notice of all the hard work that created the beautiful music you are listening to? When you have time I invite you to put your headphones, choose a random song and just listen. It’s truly incredible.

Become fully embraced in the conversation by simply listening.

How many of you have experience the issue when you’re talking to someone and you have to repeat yourself. Maybe they were to busy on the cell phone, watching tv or just completely lost in their own thought’s. Sadly this happens a lot. I invite you one night to silence your phone’s trust me your not that important, turn off the television and simply have a heart to heart with loved one. See how amazing it feels.

This world can be amazing if we just listen more.

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